Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 Karnataka Tamil Nadu Celebrations starts soon.

By | April 25, 2017

Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 or Kaveri Pushkaram is going to celebrate all over river banks in September 2017. Kaveri Pushkar Ghats, Best Snan Ghats places to visit information below.

Kaveri River is one 12 mighty and holy rivers in India. Every year on observing planetary movement of Brihspati or Jupiter into each constellation Pushkarams or Kumbhmela were observed. These kumbhmela is held once every 12 years for each river. On these holy days people believe gods will take bath in rivers and bless people for prosperity. Many people will offer Pinda Pradhan or Ceremonial rituals for deceased parents. Once done this ceremony at any pushkar ghats their souls were blessed for eternity.

Legend / Etymology of Kaveri Pushkaram or Kumbhmela:

Puranas and mythological sources states that Pushkar was a brahmin who got boon from lord Maheswara to purify rivers with his presence. As pushkar Cannot live in many rivers at one time so Brihaspati (Guru of Devas or gods) made him to follow in each river with his planetary movement. When Brihaspati is in axis with each constellation one in 12 holy rivers get Pushkars Presence.

From that day Once every 12 years each river was celebrated Kumbhmela or Holy bath ceremony in name of pushkar called Pushkaramlu. These 12 peculiar days will change month to month based on Hindu Astrological calculations. Now Kaveri river is considered to pushkarams in 2017. Exact starting date of Kaveri Pushkarams will soon decided by mutts or Pundits.

Benefits of taking Holy bath in Kaveri Pushkaram 2017 – let’s know:

Myths and legends revolve round people ancient beliefs. Indian Forests and mountains have renown maigcal herbs which heal many health problems. Rivers in India originate almost in these regions only. So to get all these benefits for people Pushkaram or Kumbhmela is conducted in ancient days.

Some believe one must take a river bath in these times to get salvation in afterlife. Hindu Dharma propagates one must do good deeds and attain moksha or salvation. Afterlife and rebirth is mainly observed in every hindy religious rituals.

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